What Are Community Cats?

All communities have community cats—they live wherever people live.

"Community cat" is an umbrella term that refers to any outdoor, unowned, free-roaming cat. 

Community cats belong to the communities in which they live. 

Community cat problems are created when people neglect to spay or neuter their cats, allow their cats to freely roam outdoors, or leave their pet cats behind when they move. Although it is unlawful to abandon pets, it is a difficult crime to prosecute. 

Community cats are the same species as pet cats (Felis silvestris catus). The difference is that many community cats are feral, or not socialized to people, and therefore are not adoptable as pets.

Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return (TNVR) programs ensure that cats who find themselves trying to survive outdoors will be neutered, vaccinated, and cared for by volunteer caregivers.

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Feline Reproduction Facts

Cats are a very successful species, in part due to their efficient and prolific reproduction cycle.