What Helps TNVR Work?

Fewer Cats on Our Streets

The City of Peekskill has engaged all the necessary components for its TNVR program for many years, and the numbers speak to its success:

Peekskill TNR stats_2013-2023.pdf

What Helps TNVR Work?

Many municipalities already have a solid foundation of volunteer trappers and caregivers, and shelters and rescues who want to help. The Cat Protection Council of Westchester can help bring all of the elements together to create a robust and cost-effective TNVR program for your municipality. There are four key components to a successful TNVR program:

2. Collaboration:

3. Volunteers:

4. Targeted TNVR:

You don't need to be a "cat lover" to support Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return. 

You just need to share the goal of fewer cats on our streets